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School Attendance Software

Simplify Class Attendance Tasks:

99POS Attendance Software is designed to manage the daily and period attendance requirements for schools of all sizes. From recording attendance to producing daily attendance bulletins, letters and documents, Attendance Plus simplifies a wide range of school attendance tasks.

99POS Attendance Software Features:
  • Easily track school attendance information for students and staff.
  • Quickly enter attendance using the photo seating charts in our TeacherPlus Gradebook.
  • Share attendance information online with parents using our PlusPortals.
  • View attendance data on Android and iPhone devices with AP Mobile Apps.
  • Batch enter attendance codes (e.g. FT Field Trip) for all students or for a specific group.
  • Print Homeroom and Period Attendance Forms that allow teachers to mark students as absent and to enter later.
  • Tardy students can swipe their ID cards as they enter the school, while Attendance Plus records their arrival, changes their absence to a tardy, and automatically prints a tardy slip for admission to class
  • Automatically generate parental notification letters when students exceed your specified tardiness and absence limits.
  • And Much More
Period Attendance:

An additional, integrated Period Attendance module is available for middle and high schools to track attendance period-by-period. Generate reports on period attendance and include period attendance histories on students' report cards.

Attendance Reports:
The report writers in Attendance Plus allow you to draw upon your attendance data to design and print customized reports, letters and notices.
  • Print an attendance register that meets state legal requirements.
  • Generate letters to parents of students who exceed a specified limit of absences or tardies.
  • Print daily advisor lists including parents' names and work phone numbers.
  • Print absence reports by grade level or homeroom.
  • Print attendance reports by individual or in list format.
  • Print homeroom and period attendance forms that allow teachers to mark students as absent and enter later.
  • Ready-to-use templates are included.