resturant pos system

Restaurant POS

99pos software a leader in the development of restaurant POS systems .As the ultimate restaurant point of sale software solution designed for the high-pressure demands of restaurant owners, 99pos software is a masterful restaurant POS that is simple, flexible, secure, integrated, cloud ready, redundant, robust, efficient, customizable, and economical.

Check status view allows servers and managers to track any number of tables. Color coding makes it easy to reduce turnover time and increase revenue.

99pos software restaurant POS system is available as a fully-loaded, modern POS terminal, 99pos software Charisma. The system offers the most exhaustive list of data analytics ever seen in a POS system. From specific details about employee performance to vital customer information, 99pos software analytics offer restaurant owners an unprecedented depth and fine details of the operation so they can see where they are making and losing money. It is also integrated with online ordering, gift cards, smart phone apps and your accounting software.

resturant pos system
In response to the liability for counterfeit credit card transactions shifting to business owners in October 2015, 99pos software POS will be ready to take EMV cards table side before the liability shift happens. Currently, 99pos software POS is totally integrated with EMV, NFC and Apple Pay on its Charisma POS System.

With over 90 comprehensive reports and advanced service integration possibilities, 99pos software offers real-time reporting and online ordering to create business management capabilities that enrich your restaurant software beyond the standard restaurant POS.

Splitting checks is simple and easy with 99pos software POS. Checks can be split by item, by seat, split evenly, or even split into custom groups within seconds.